The Club keeps a Puppy Book
Should you wish to be advised of available litters, or to have your name put in the Puppy Book, please contact either :

Lindy George Tel: (033) 3431511 Email:

or Julie Grobbelaar Tel: (031) 7652846 Email:


A few important tips before buying a puppy


Questions to ask when buying a puppy

The Sire & Dam

Confirm that they are registered with KUSA and that the correct name of the owner of the dog is on the certificate.


Confirm that all recommended tests were done before breeding. Ask for copies of these tests.

Recommended tests are: BAER (hearing), PRA (blindness), PLL (primary lens luxation) Hips & Elbows (dysplasia)


Check that both parents are good / excellent examples of the breed and conform to the Breed Standard.


Observe temperament and disposition in their environment and to people and children.


Choosing your Puppy

Look at the sire and dam before selecting your puppy.

Discuss with the breeder the temperament of each pup.

Do the pups look healthy? Are there fleas or ticks, diarrhea? Is their kennel clean?

Watch the litter and how they behave - is there aggression or happy puppy play?

 Are they locked up or running around?  Are the pups playing with other dogs?

Has the litter been well socialized to other older dogs, people, children, different environments and noises?

Are there toys and fun things around for the pups to play with?

Be informed beforehand of the average recommended selling price for a registered or unregistered pup.

Inquire if there is a Breed Club to join and classes for socialising your pup.

Never take a pup too early (the ideal is 8 weeks and over), as the pack discipline is vital for a young pup before joining its new owner.

Be a 100% sure that this is the right breed & pup for you before buying. Your commitment to each other is for a lifetime.


The checklist when collecting your pup


The KUSA registration certificate should be given to you when collecting your pup. Ensure that the breeder has signed the back of the certificate in order for your pup to be transferred into your name with KUSA. This transfer is free.


A microchip certificate must be supplied and ensure that you transfer your pup into your name.


All certificates of the recommended tests must be given to you and ensure that it is your pup and correct microchip number on all the certificates.


A diet sheet should be supplied and it is suggested that a complimentary bag of food be given to you to enable a smooth transition for your pup into it's new home.


The inoculation book must show all inoculations and de-worming dates.


A vet check certificate is recommended.


A signed Sale / Purchase Agreement are recommended.


Club Health Recommendations

Health Testing of all Breeding Dogs

• Hips and Elbows (KUSA website)

• PRA (Inqaba Biotec)

• PLL (Inqaba Biotec)

• BAER ( Dr D Hathorn 033 3306 184)


Puppies to be:

• Micro-chipped

• Remove dew claws

• Tested for PRA, PLL, BAER (certificates provided)

• KUSA Registered (Breed or Development)

• Vet check certificate from your vet.

• Inoculated ( 4, 6 & 12 weeks)

• De-wormed every 2 weeks


Testing Facilities:

• Inqaba Biotec (012 343 5829) email:

• Hip and Elbow Scrutineers will be found on the KUSA website under SAVA and KUSA Scrutineers


Tel: 082 550 4713




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