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Membership fees are R100.00 per year, payable on the 1st January each year.


Please download and fill out the Membership Form here...


Fax your completed form and proof of payment to (033) 3431511

or Email it to Lindy at


Banking Details:

Direct Deposit to: The Australian Cattle Dog Club of KZN

First National Bank Howick

Branch Code: 220725 Acc No: 62016955926


Recommended Code of Ethics for Club Breeders

1. I will at all times abide by the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of KZN and the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.


2. I will keep accurate breeding records, registration papers and pedigrees and will openly disclose all information in my possession about the health issues of my dogs that may affect the future breeding of the Australian Cattle Dog.


3. I agree that my advertisements will always be honest and clear containing no misleading information or misrepresentations of any nature.


4. I will refrain from being the source or conduit of any negative rumours or gossip having the effect of reducing the standing of any breeder of the ACD Club of KZN, the Club itself or the Australian Cattle Dog Breed in the eyes of Club members or members of the public. I shall address any concerns that I might have regarding any breeder or breeding program, to the Committee of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of KZN.


5. I will maintain the highest standards of canine health, cleanliness and care and support any research studies for genetic diseases in Australian Cattle Dogs.


6. I agree that all dogs and bitches offered at stud / breeding shall be KUSA registered or by a registry recognized by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa and the Australian Cattle Dog Club of KZN.


7. I agree that no stud dogs / bitches shall be bred from prior to all BAER, PRA, PLL tests, HD and Elbow X-rays being completed where facilities are available locally. The responsibility will be that of the owners of the breeding dogs to examine certificates prior to mating. I agree that all stud dogs shall be free from communicable diseases.


8. I agree that should I make use of multiple sires, I will DNA test the bitch, the sires and all the puppies to provide certainty as to each puppy’s parentage.


9. I agree that no bitch shall be bred from before her 3rd season or prior to two (2) years of age, nor be bred repeatedly at every heat in such a manner as to endanger her health or puppies and their physical and mental well being.


10. I agree that all breeding / whelping of bitches will cease on reaching seven (7) years of age.


11. I agree that all bitches / dogs will be bred only with the intention of that particular mating improving the breed and never for purely commercial reasons. I agree not to breed without having homes for my puppies. I agree never to crossbreed.


12. I acknowledge that the Club maintains a Puppy Book and puts prospective buyers in touch with breeders who have litters. I also acknowledge that the Club is not an agency for the sale of my puppies and it is my responsibility to ensure that I have homes for my puppies at the time of planning a mating.


13. I agree that no puppies, stud dogs / bitches will be knowingly sold to any person who is involved with any franchised commercial facility, puppy brokers, raffle or prize or any other commercial enterprise.


14. I agree that puppies shall not be removed from the breeder prior to eight (8) weeks of age.


15. I agree to honestly evaluate the quality of all Australian Cattle Dogs sold, transferred or offered for stud service. Those sub-standard or inferior quality animals shall be destroyed or sterilized with written agreement that such dog will be removed from the gene-pool and sold / given to a pet home only.


16. I agree to supply accurate records and certificates of all inoculations, worming, pedigree / registration, micro chipping and other relevant documents, on delivery of the puppy.


17. I will at all times make myself aware of the Club’s recommended selling price for Australian Cattle Dogs which I will use as a guideline for any sales of my puppies.


18. I agree to conduct myself at all times in such a manner as to be a credit to the Australian Cattle Dog Club in South Africa.


Updated 16.03.2014

Dog and Puppy KUSA Registration

All dogs can and should be registered with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (“KUSA”).

This means that there should be no unregistered dogs.


There are 2 Registers available :



This is when all generations (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents of both dam and sire) are registered on the Breed Register. Only a Breed Registered dog may receive the title of KUSA Champion. When purchasing your puppy you will receive a Breed Register Certificate, which must have the breeder's signature on the back. You will also sign the back of the certificate with your details and return this Certificate to KUSA where you will receive another Breed Certificate with your pup in your name. The transfer of your pup into your name is free.



This is an Application for a Single Dog for Development which must be completed and submitted to KUSA. The application can be obtained from KUSA (021) 4239027 and all necessary details and history of the dogs’ lineage must be completed on the application.


What do I do to Register my Dog?


You will need to register yourself as a member of KUSA by completing a Member Application form.

 Tel: (021) 4239027/8 Email:


If you wish to breed with a Development Registered dog and dam, please contact the ACD club for advice.

Lindy George Tel: (033) 3431511 Email:


To motivate your case:


1. If there are registered dogs in your dog's lineage, obtain copies of all certificates.

2. From both the sire and dams lines, trace back to grandparents and great- grandparents supplying all details (eg. name, date of birth etc).

3. Obtain sworn written statements wherever possible to prove that all matings were from purebred dogs.

4. Obtain dates (if possible) of all litters relating to your dogs lineage.

5. Supply date of birth of your dog.

6. Have your dog or litter checked by a judge or person well acquainted with this breed.


Why go to all this trouble?


1. Almost every dog in SA is related and when purchasing an unregistered pup, do you know that it really is a purebred?

2. There are many excellent unregistered dogs and to preserve the future of this breed we need to document these lines so that they are not lost.

3. Breeding registered dogs to Dev. Reg. dogs will allow the gene pool to be enlarged and help to reduce inbreeding.

4. The value and price of a Dev. Reg. dog will be much greater than an unregistered dog.

5. Litters and pups registered on the Dev. Reg. will be more sought after than an unregistered dog.

6. Dev. Reg. dogs will be allowed to participate at Shows.

7. For the betterment and success of the Cattle Dog in SA.


By enclosing as much extra information as possible, it could mean that instead of 5 generations of purebred breeding on the Dev. Reg., KUSA may allow it to be reduced to 3 generations.


Should you have any other queries, as every case is an individual one, please contact

Lindy George Email:

Club Health Recommendations

HealthTesting of all Breeding Dogs

• Hips and Elbows (KUSA website)

• PRA (Inqaba Biotec)

• PLL (Inqaba Biotec)

• BAER ( Dr D Hathorn 033 3306 184)


Puppies to be:

• Micro-chipped

• Remove dew claws

• Tested for PRA, PLL, BAER (certificates provided)

• KUSA Registered (Breed or Development)

• Vet check certificate from your vet.

• Inoculated ( 4, 6 & 12 weeks)

• De-wormed every 2 weeks


Testing Facilities:

• Inqaba Biotec (012 343 5829) email:

• Hip and Elbow Scrutinisers will be found on the KUSA website under SAVA and KUSA Scrutinisers


Tel: 082 550 4713




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