How much are puppies?

The recommended price for puppies, including de-worming, inoculations, all tests and microchipping is:
Breed Registered R6 500.00
Development Registered R4 500.00.


Where can I find a puppy or breeder?

The Club has a Puppy Book where all inquiries are listed. When puppies become available this list of inquiries is given to members to assist them in finding the right home for their pups.


People inquiring will be asked such questions as: Have you researched the breed? Are you prepared to commit 14 years to the wellbeing of this dog? Do you know that they are one man dogs that are strong willed and stubborn? Will the dog be socialised and obedience trained? Will the dog be worked? Is the owner at home during the day? Do you have other dogs? What makes you sure that this is the breed for you? Asking these questions is vital for both the breeder and the Club as being such one-man dogs not all cattle dogs can be re-homed successfully.


To place your name in the Puppy Book contact either:

Lindy George Tel: (033) 3431511 Email:

Julie Grobbelaar Tel: (031) 7652846 Email:


What are titles?


A title is gained once a dog has achieved certain points. For example, a dog achieving five Championship Certificates will be granted the title of KUSA Champion.


Where can I find out more about the breed?


Visit our page to find out more about The ACD Breed here ...

View our list of recommended ACD books here ...


How much is the membership?


Membership is R100.00 per annum, payable from the 1st January of each year.

Contact Lindy George Tel: (033) 3431511 Email:

or download our membership form on our Club page here...


Where can I get a copy of the Breed Standard?


Click here to view the Breed Standard ...



Tel: 082 550 4713




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